Process Automation
Real Estate Project Management
Client Profile

The client, a leading real estate project management consulting firm in Mumbai, specializes in managing diverse real estate projects with a focus on efficiency and excellence. They handle residential and commercial projects, prioritizing streamlined processes and client satisfaction.

Business Problem

The client faced challenges with fragmented systems, security concerns, inefficient vendor and consultant management and limited end-client engagement tools. These issues hindered productivity, communication and overall project success.


After evaluating off-the-shelf solutions, Ascent chose custom development to ensure a perfect fit for the client’s unique needs. This approach offered flexibility, scalability, seamless integration with existing systems and long-term cost-effectiveness.


Ascent delivered a cloud-powered process automation system with unified project management, secure access controls, streamlined vendor and consultant management and enhanced end-client engagement tools. The tailored solution optimized efficiency, collaboration and client satisfaction, positioning the client for continued success.