Supply Chain and Logistics

Revolutionising the supply chain industry with technology-led solutions powered by agile on-demand software development teams. Our expertise ensures streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and real-time visibility throughout your supply chain. Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge technology and agile methodologies, delivering bespoke solutions that meet the dynamic needs of your business and drive sustainable growth. Experience the future of supply chain management with our innovative approach and dedicated development teams.

Supply Chain and Logistics
Shipping and Logistics

The on-demand and agile software development team at Ascent can help you onboard an AI-driven shipping & logistics solution that enables real-time tracking and monitoring of product shipments, deliveries, fuel supply and more. Our agile developers are nimble at engineering customised solutions that allow businesses to manage their supply chains, vendor relationships and distribution channels.

Warehouse Management

Ascent helps you augment its expert team of software developers to build a customised Warehouse Management System (WMS) and help you improve visibility into warehouse operations. We engineer flexible, interoperable, modular, cloud-based solutions that can be used together, as an integrated solution or independently to automate and streamline warehouse operations such as – delivery orders, inventory counts, incoming shipments, automatic packing, scrapping, transferring and so on.

Inventory Management

We engineer custom Inventory Management Systems (IMS) that help enterprises automate their manual processes associated with inventory traceability, replenishment, cycle counting and managing inventory across multiple locations. Leveraging Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we develop IMS that synchronises inventory data across multiple channels and locations. Backed with a powerful inventory management system and shipping integrations, we enable clients to optimise their inventory and order management, right from purchase to packing, to payments.