Healthcare & Wellness

We leverage the latest advances in technology to help pharma companies across functionalities such as spanning production, inventory management, e-packaging records and even lab processes. Our data analytics solutions, CRM, ERP, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Electronic Batch Records (eBR), etc., consistently add value to the ecosystem.

High-Tech Manufacturers

Enhancements in the manufacture of high-tech medical devices rely heavily on technology. At Ascent, domain experts leverage the latest tools, including AI, Machine Learning and 3D technology, to support manufacturing processes for high-tech equipment. Our factory solutions help manufacturers monitor processes, gather data, ensure compliance, access real-time performance data and more. Our automation solutions improve efficiencies while reducing downtime and operating costs.

Telemedicine & Virtual Diagnosis

IT-enabled healthcare services are breaking down geographical barriers through advances such as telemedicine technologies. Ascent’s proven expertise in communication solutions empowers healthcare providers to securely and quickly communicate with patients virtually across different geographies. Likewise, in the diagnostic space spanning clinical history, shaping clinical workflows and decision-making in diagnostic processes, etc., we owe our credentials to our innovative tools and technologies that support timely, accurate diagnoses.

Healthcare Administration

Ascent is recognized for its robust digital solutions that enable the streamlining of operations in healthcare administration, thereby improving patient experiences. Our customised solutions allow administrators to store, access and manage patient and employee databases. In addition, our advanced tools easily integrate with existing systems to support billing, budget and inventory management, regulatory compliance, HR management and other niche functionalities within the sector.

Insurance & Claims

Ascent is a recognised provider of leading-edge solutions to medical insurance companies for technologies that support accurate electronic medical records, health informatics, fraud detection, faster claim settlements, speedy underwriting and other cost efficiencies. Furthermore, we leverage AI and NLP technologies to draw sentimental analysis and introduce automation for better and more productive customer engagement.