Process Automation
IPO financing for HNIs
Client Profile

The client is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) specializing in lending to High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). With a focus on providing tailored financial solutions, they serve HNIs seeking capital for IPO investments.

Business Problem

The client identified challenges in the manual lending process, including time-consuming paperwork, limited visibility into client risk profiles and inefficiencies in communication with HNI clients. These obstacles hindered the ability to provide timely and personalized lending services, impacting client satisfaction and business growth.


Recognizing the need for automation and digitization, our team proposed the development of a comprehensive web-based system to streamline the lending process for IPO investments. Custom development was chosen to ensure seamless integration with existing systems and optimal user experience for both, NBFC staff and HNI clients.


Ascent developed a web-based system for automating lending to HNI clients for IPOs, comprising modules for client management, IPO details, lending applications and communication. NBFC staff can efficiently manage client information and loan applications, while HNI clients can access upcoming IPOs, request funds, negotiate interest rates and view application and transaction details, enhancing transparency and communication throughout the lending process.