Financial Services & Insurance
Capital Markets

With an understanding of deal structures spanning from securitizations and project finance to syndicated loans, we at Ascent are rewriting the future of capital markets, one solution at a time. Armed with the expertise of new-age technologies such as cloud, open architecture AI and blockchain, we confront multiple global challenges and drive digital transformations for public and private corporations, financial institutions, private equity and more.

Open Banking

In addition to advancing the industry toward hyper-relevant, platform-based distribution, open banking innovations deliver a wealth of opportunities to grow ecosystems and increase reach. We assist in converting threats associated with open banking into unprecedented opportunities driven by regulatory, technological and competitive needs.

Wealth & Asset Management

Financial institutions aim to offer their clients more convenient and personalised portfolios perfectly suited to their financial goals. At Ascent, we create intelligent, automated solutions that aid financial advisors in accessing significant data insights to focus on what they do best – growing portfolios with the right investment decisions. By navigating through transforming demographics, technology and social behaviors, we help you future-proof your wealth management initiatives.

Payments & Wallets

With changing digital habits, users have gravitated towards instant payment solutions. Financial players must pave the way for new-age needs within their unique payment ecosystems. At Ascent, we help you develop strategic payment roadmaps, keeping the evolving customer needs and business goals in sight. We deliver cutting-edge payment solutions powered by the latest technologies of AI, NLP and Blockchain for secure, fast and convenient transactions.


A single source of truth for customer data can drive business decisions, improve customer experiences and meet regulatory requirements. Ascent’s next-gen solutions for the insurance sector help you gain a 360-degree view of your customers, understand their needs and deliver personalised experiences at every touchpoint. With dedicated insurance consultation, implementation and technology utilisation, we enable you to leverage data and analytics for insights-driven decision-making.


Reduce risk to your lending operations with prompt management of loans and leases. Ascent provides top-notch loan processing solutions that lower expenses, be competitive and promote futuristic digital products. Fast decision-making and powerful real-time data are crucial in lending. Every client interaction must lead to the highest return feasible as profit margins increasingly become squeezed. This calls for transformative loan process automation and consolidation solutions.