Process Automation
Admissions and Fees management
Client Profile

Our client is a pre-school committed to providing quality early childhood education. With multiple centers, they prioritize efficiency and parent satisfaction in the admissions and fees management process. Their goal is to streamline operations and enhance communication with parents.

Business Problem

The client faced challenges in the manual admissions and fees management process, including cumbersome paperwork, difficulty in managing expression of interest from parents and inefficiencies in fee collection and reminders. These obstacles led to delays in admissions, errors in fee reconciliation and strained parent-school communication.


Recognising the need for automation and improved communication, our team proposed the development of a bespoke web-based system to ensure tailored solutions for managing admissions, fees and parent communication. The solution was expected to work alongside another system used by the preschool for child education management.


Ascent developed a web-based that allows the pre-school to efficiently manage expressions of interest from parents, open day slots, slot booking and student-fees outstanding. Integrated payment gateways and automated reminders via text and email streamline fee collection and reconciliation, enhancing operational efficiency and parent-school communication.