Process Automation
Platform for Hyperlocal Deals and Offers
Client Profile

The client is a pioneering hyperlocal deals and offers platform focusing on retail businesses. Operating in urban areas, they aim to connect local consumers with nearby retail establishments by providing exclusive deals and offers. Their mobile-only platform caters to both, end-users seeking discounts and retail shop owners looking to boost foot traffic and sales.

Business Problem

The client identified a gap in the market where traditional advertising methods were becoming less effective in attracting local customers to retail stores. Retailers struggled to reach potential customers in their vicinity, resulting in underutilized inventory and missed sales opportunities. On the other hand, consumers lacked a convenient way to discover nearby deals and offers, leading to limited engagement with local businesses.


After thorough market research and analysis, our team proposed a mobile-only solution to bridge the gap between retailers and consumers. Recognizing the need for a tailored platform, we opted for custom development to ensure seamless integration and optimal user experience.


Ascent developed a mobile-only hyperlocal deals and offers platform consisting of two apps. The end-user app allows consumers to discover nearby deals and redeem offers, while the retailer app enables shop owners to manage their business profile, upload offers and track performance metrics.