Education & Learning
Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms are becoming increasingly common among students and employees for enhancing skills and knowledge. Ascent’s expertise in developing customized learning solutions, content management systems and discussion platforms with exceptional UI/UX, real-time progress tracking, analytics and more, help you deliver superior teaching experiences, every day. With engaging content and information flow, our eLearning solutions make learning fun, easy and interactive.

Interactive Immersive Learning

Creating compelling and engaging learning environs with navigation, editing and visual programming tools that enable learners at scale. The latest instructional design models are married with advanced web technologies to create solutions that are as interactive as in-person learning, bridging the gap between digital and physical infrastructures. Our experts leverage immersive learning technologies, such as XR and AR/VR, for learners to experience scenarios and simulations and create a more diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Smart Classrooms

Enrich your educational programs with our superior software solutions to enhance instructional output such as simulations, games and tutorials, through attractive animation, sound and demos. Built-in features of deployed solutions help learners work independently or collaboratively and help teachers manage classrooms, assess students and encourage collaboration. Our solutions support web and classroom-based instructions and are easily customisable to match your needs.